Cuchara's Main Street WeatherCamâ„¢
Page created by the staff of Cuchara Cabin and Condo Rentals
The Cuchara Main Street Weather Camâ„¢ streaming image is solely for informative and entertainment purposes.

The webcam stream does not infringe any individual rights or personal integrity due to the positioning of the webcam at a height and angle that prevent any viewer from identifying individuals with complete certainty.

To ensure that privacy is not affected, the Cuchara Weather Cam owner has taken the following steps to ensure that we have addressed Public Privacy and Data Protection:

- This camera shows a live feed or motion picture
- The web server stores the latest webcam image in a cache for 10 seconds (then  
  deleted automatically). Images are not kept or recorded beyond this
- Visitors to the site are not permitted to take or redistribute images from the webcam
- No particular person or activity is the focus or subject of images on this webcam
- The images captured on this webcam are not to be used for marketing purposes

50 Cuchara Ave. East
Cuchara CO 81055